A Dream, A Calling, A Journey

It all began with a God-placed dream and a heartfelt calling to teach languages. I vividly remember the spark in my students' eyes as they recalled the French words they learned each week. Their enthusiasm, mirrored in their parents’ glowing reports of their children eagerly teaching them new French words at home, fueled my resolve. These were the early seeds that eventually grew into what I now proudly call the Language Detective Academy (LDA).

My Journey

I embarked on a rich and passionate journey towards mastering the French language, starting with immersion classes in high school and a transformative experience at Université Laval in Québec, Canada, where I began to think fluidly in French. I further honed my skills at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, achieving the equivalent of a French minor along with an Honours Bachelor of Science. My passion for the language inspired me to immerse myself in Francophone cultures across: Morocco, Haiti, France, Ontario and Québec, Canada. Pursuing my love for teaching, I earned my Masters in Education in the U.S., along with a French as a Second Language Teaching Certification for grades 6-12 in Ontario. With over a decade of experience teaching young children, I later extended my reach to other private and public schools and then began homeschooling my own kids with a strong focus on French. In the summer of 2023, my love for teaching and the French language culminated in the creation of the Language Detective Academy.

Our Vision- Fun, Engaging, Memorable

Inspired by my journey and experiences, I envisioned a place where language learning would transcend traditional boundaries. I wanted to create an environment where children could become detectives, piecing together the clues of language through fun, engaging and memorable experiences. Christ’s teachings, a cornerstone of my life and vision, have been beautifully woven into the fabric of LDA’s teaching philosophy. I believe that through Christ, we can encourage children to become compassionate and understanding global citizens.

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The Language Detective Academy Experience

At LDA, we are committed to nurturing not just learners, but passionate linguists. Our courses are designed to be more than mere lessons—they are vibrant, interactive adventures. From solving mysteries and crafting art to conducting hands-on experiments, we ensure that learning French becomes a holistic and enjoyable journey for each child.

Our aim is to inspire our young detectives to embrace language with the same joy and passion that Geraldine found on her journey. As they learn to read, write, speak, and listen in French, we watch, just as Geraldine once did, their eyes light up with the thrill of new knowledge and understanding.

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where learning a language becomes an enthralling journey of discovery.

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